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Ramzi Aburedwan


Ramzi created Ensemble Dal’Ouna in 2000, which is named after a festive Palestinian music genre, sing and play the daily life of Palestine. Through its music, the ensemble expresses the hopes of a people that love to live, laugh and sing.


The ensemble’s repertoire extends from Egypt to Andalusia, passing through various regions and traditions of the Middle East, and adding baroque and jazz accents to a musical confluence of Orient and Occident.


On this journey, Ramzi Aburedwan and Ensemble Dal ‘Ouna bring us into their world, their music, their poetics and their traditions. They combine traditional Arab instruments including the bouzouk, the oud and oriental percussion with viola and accordion.


The repertoire ranges from instrumental to traditional poetic genres that focus on love, freedom, and nature.


Ensemble Dal’Ouna is also a story of encounters, shared experiences, a sane refuge where borders don’t apply, and a message of hope for its members and audiences. It is a context in which music-making is a creative act of resistance in face of the daily oppression that Palestinians suffer.


Following the release of their first album in 2000, the group began touring in all over the world.


Dal’Ouna provides a wide range of classical and folkloric Palestinian and Arabic repertoires alongside original compositions. Each member of the ensemble has been schooled in diverse regions and idioms; together the ensemble presents a new and original musical universe.


In addition, it provides workshop about arabic instrument and music (Oud, Bouzouq, arabic percussions, ...).


On stage, Dal'Ouna is composed of 6 artists, sometimes accompagnied by guest :


Bouzouq and Alto : Ramzi Aburedwan, Palestine`

Oud : Ziad Ben Youssef, Tunisian livinf in France or Dimitri Mikelis, Greek living in Palestine

Accordion : Edwin Buger, Ex-Yugoslavian living in France

Percussions : Naif Serhan, Palestine or Ibrahim Frokh or Yanal Staiti, Palestine

Contrabass : Nawras Alhajibrahim, Palestine or Dimitri Mikelis, Greek living in Palestine

Singer : Oday Al Khatib, Palestine